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Welcome to Trinity, where in the mid-1830s a seed of North Carolina’s rich university tradition took root. The Trinity Historic Preservation Society is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich history of our community through its caretaking and research endeavors.
Please explore our website to see our mission, learn about upcoming events, and find how you can help preserve our local heritage.

The Latest News...

It's history! The old carpeting is out.

Saturday April 20th was an "historic" day as the wrapping finally came off the floors of the Winslow House. A big goal for this spring was to remove the carpeting to expose the original flooring. Well, the job's done, and the remnants await disposal at the City of Trinity's spring "City Haul" event May 9th-11th. The removal will also bring the benefits of a cleaner and more authentic aesthetic.

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July 10th is our next regularly scheduled meeting

Our next regular meeting is Wednesday, July 10th at 6:00pm. With summer in full swing, events might force a scheduling change, so keep coming back for updates.

Our mission is to safeguard and showcase the historical, architectural, and cultural heritage of Trinity for present and future generations.

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Please explore our website to see our history

Your generosity shapes the future

Your gift is a step towards preserving our history and heritage. Thanks to your generosity, we can continue our mission to protect and promote our roots. Regardless of the size of your donation, you contribute to shaping the future of our community.
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