Thank you for your gift!

We need your help! We maintain the Winslow House, Trinity Depot, and the artifacts collection solely through private donations. You can be a part of keeping Trinity’s history alive for future generations. Please donate as much as you can to the cause. THPS is a 501(c)(3 ) charitable organization. Your gifts are completely tax-deductible.

Save the Depot!

Our biggest project is stabilizing and then restoring the freight depot. It has suffered severely from neglect and needs a tremendous amount of work to ensure its survival first, and then to make it accessible for tours and other uses. We need large gifts directed for this purpose. If you can influence or instigate corporations, foundations, government, or other organizations to help “Save the Depot,” please let us know.
Everything you do is appreciated! Thank you!

Veterans Wall

If you’d like to honor a Trinity resident, past or present, for their military service to our nation, simply designate your contribution to “Veterans Wall,” and provide contact information so we can get the name and service information for the veteran.
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